Dan Esdale
Daniel Esdale

“Be One and a T, Not Three and a Tree”

I am an award-winning marketing leader who specializes in higher education branding and marketing, focusing on the art breaking down message silos and creating an emotional connection with an audience. With a focus on telling a core brand story as part of a multi-channel, ROI-based strategy with clearly-defined goals, campaigns that I have overseen have consistently shown measurable results. I am currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Suffolk University, where I relentlessly focus on defining the unique Suffolk Experience, and deflecting “three and a tree” marketing cliches that have long been the crutch of higher education marketers.

I bring more than 15 years of experience in branding, lead generation, media buying, digital marketing, social media, marketing analytics, and budget management to my current role. I have worked in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, and spent the past six years working in higher education, leading the marketing efforts at Harvard Kennedy School and Suffolk University. I am a graduate of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Future Leaders program at Harvard Business School, and have served as a panelist at the American Marketing Association Higher Education Marketing Conference.

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